Here's what you can expect with our appointments.


What Kind of Remodeling Leads Can I expect?

We have three main types of remodeling appointments

  • Kitchen Remodeling Appointments
  • Bathroom Remodeling Appointments
  • Garage Remodeling Appointments
You can choose which remodeling jobs you want. Typically, we quality remodeling appointments for full remodels, but we can also qualify for partial remodels. Just let us know your requirements, and we can generate appointments for you accordingly

How Many Remodeling Appointments Should I expect Per Week?

This really depends on three main factors; your area of coverage, the type of remodeling jobs you do/want, and level of competition in your area. All our leads are generated online, and we're up against some pretty heavy competition. Typically, we tell new customers to expect between 2-5 leads per week depending on the geo's you provide us. For example, if you give us a 30-50 mile radius around a zip code, we're more likely to generate more leads for you than if you give us 6 specific zip codes. Finally, in some areas kitchen remodels are more popular than bathroom remodels (for example). The best thing to do, is speak to us, and we'll give you an idea of what we can do for you.

How Are You Different to the Other Companies We're in Contact With?

Firstly, we're not going to charge you for: leads you can't get through to and homeowners that tell you they're not interested. In a nutshell, we're going to charge you for the appointment, not the lead. This cuts down the number of leads you actually pay for while improving your conversion opportunity. Secondly, we call qualify every lead before it goes out to you. We talk to the customer and provide you notes of the call.

How May Remodelers Will I Compete With?

Our terms of service states that we'll send a lead to up to 3 contractors. However, in a lot of scenario's we don't have that 3 contractors to send our lead to. Typically, we have between 0 and 2 contractors in any given area. Speak to us and ask about your specific area, and we can let you know. You are still provided the opportunity to set the appointment, and you still have the opportunity to return a lead which doesn't not turn into an appointment.

What is The Average Closing Rate on Remodeling Appointments?

Short Answer: Our contractors have reported an average closing rate of 35% over the past 6 month period. For every 10 leads we send to you, you will make 3-4 sales.


What do Remodeling Appointments Cost?

Residential Kitchen Remodels
$120/per Appointment

Residential Bathroom Remodels
$95.00/Per Appointment

Residential Garage Remoidels
$95/per Appointment

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